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The Tenebo Herd 牧群迁徙奇观

Over 150 invited guest dressed in their best formal attire gathered and celebrated the book launch of ‘The Tenebo Herd – The Life Of A Serengeti Wildebeest’ by Ben Chow Battersby in the very exclusive space of the prestigious National Gallery Victoria (NGV). Guests were spoiled with not only good food and fine wine, but the African musical and dance performance were simply fantastic. Ben has also donated a few beautiful photographs for auction where proceeds were donated towards the Serengeti Discovery & Conservation Center in Tanzania. Biddings were very encouraging and tens of thousands were raised for this good cause. Among the VIPs attending were hosts Nicole Chow and Tony Battersby, President Of NGV Janet Whiting AM and Deputy Director Andrew Clark.

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The Tenebo Herd 牧群迁徙奇观

Since he was a kid, Ben Chow Battersby has always been fascinated with the wildebeest in Africa. Throughout his childhood, he has sketched, painted and dreamt of going to see these magnificent animals. A few years ago, Ben’s dream came true when he and a team flew to East Africa to document a specific group out of the 1.5 million wildebeest that live within the Serengeti and Maasai Mara Plains. They had followed the biggest herd from Tanzania’s Serengeti Grassland to Kenya Maasai Mara Plains. Ben was the lead photographer mentored by David Liao were responsible to capture and document this great migration.


The book launch of ‘The Tenebo Herd – The Life Of A Serengeti Wildebeest’ by Ben Chow Battersby

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 Ben Chow Battersby (left 3) and his family

150名受邀贵宾们身着正装,聚集在维多利亚国家美术馆(NGV)的专属空间里,庆贺由Ben Chow Battersby所著的《The Tenebo Herd – the Life of A Serengeti Wildebeest》之新书发表会。而宾客们不仅享受美食美酒的款待,助兴的非洲音乐和舞蹈演出更是精彩美妙。书籍的著作者Ben捐赠了一些优美的摄影作品进行拍卖,所得将悉数捐给坦桑尼亚的塞伦盖蒂探索与保护中心。拍卖投标情况相当鼓舞人心,数以万计的筹款积极涌入。出席发表会的包括主人家Nicole Chow和Tony Battersby,还有NGV的总裁 Janet Whiting AM与副总监Andrew Clark等贵宾。

BenChowBattersby自幼就对非洲牛羚着迷。在童年时期,他不间断的用画笔描绘,并梦想着亲眼见到这些宏伟的动物。几年前,Ben的梦想终于实现,他与一个团队飞到非洲东部,记录了塞伦盖蒂(Serengeti) 和马赛马拉平原 (Maasai Mara Plains) 逾150万牛羚牧群的大迁徙生态活动。他们从坦桑尼亚塞伦盖蒂大草原跨越到肯尼亚马赛马拉的辽阔平原,跟拍了大型壮观的牧群,获 David Liao 重点栽培的Ben是此次拍摄记录大迁移活动的主要摄影师。

The Tenebo Herd 牧群迁徙奇观

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