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Rado True Thinline 的超凡轻盈  打造夏日风尚

Lightweight timekeeping for the warmer months

With a light, unencumbered look to help you transition into the warmer months, Rado’s True Thinline collection is ready to adorn your wrist this summer. As the days get longer and the hemlines shorter, opportunities for accessorizing abound – an area where the Rado True Thinline excels, thanks to a breezy design and slim profile that won't weigh you down in the heat.  


Boasting a striking minimalist design, four new additions to the True Thinline family lend themselves perfectly to summertime styling. Crafted in either pure white or lustruous plasma high-tech ceramic, these sleek timekeepers are just 4.9 mm thin and are available in two sizes – a petite 30 mm or a more formidable 39 mm. While both models have the same sober, restrained design, the dial of the 30 mm model is encircled by a gleaming metallic ring: cool silver to offset the stark white, and warm rose gold as a contrast to the luminous plasma.  


The bright white high-tech ceramic True Thinline not only looks gorgeous against sun- kissed skin, but it offers a beautiful blank slate to complement any look, from classic prep with pearls and linen to free-spirited bohemian with tie dye and fringe. Or go bolder: The warm grey shine of the plasma high-tech ceramic model provides the ideal neutral to pair with a pop of neon, whether it’s hot pink nail polish or fluorescent folklore-inspired bracelets.   


The 30 mm True Thinline offers a feminine take on minimalism, while the 39 mm version is a nod to unisex chic. Both are crafted from Rado’s signature material, high- tech ceramic, which achieves impressive union of lightness, comfort and durability.  With its light weight and atmospheric design, the Rado True Thinline collection offers an ideal approach to timekeeping this summer.

RADO瑞士雷达表True Thinline真薄系列腕表将是您夏日腕间的绝美妆点,助您以轻盈简约、毫无拘束的装扮迎接盛夏的到来。随着夏令时节的到来,踝间的裙裾随风飘扬,女士将有更多的机会展示精美配饰,RADO瑞士雷达表True Thinline真薄系列腕表无疑将脱颖而出。得益于清新的设计与纤薄的造型,全新系列腕表将为盛夏的您带来无限魅力。  


得益于引人注目的简约设计,True Thinline真薄系列的全新四款腕表将为您的夏日造型锦上添花。全新时计以纯白色或闪亮的等离子色高科技陶瓷材质打造而成,超凡纤薄,厚度仅为4.9毫米,更拥有两种尺寸可供选择——精致的30毫米款式,和更为大气的39毫米款式。两种尺寸的腕表均拥有相同的清新内敛设计,但30毫米表款的表盘由闪耀的金属光环包围:闪亮白色表款搭配搭配炫酷银色,别致等离子色表款与温暖玫瑰金色形成了鲜明的对比。

明亮的白色高科技陶瓷True Thinline真薄系列腕表不仅可以与小麦色肌肤和谐搭配,更可以为多种造型增添点睛之笔,不论是搭配珍珠与亚麻色配饰打造经典学院风格,抑或与扎染色彩服饰和流苏配饰装点自由奔放的波希米亚风格。您亦可尝试更为大胆的造型:独具温润灰色的等离子高科技陶瓷表款是搭配霓虹流行色的绝佳配饰,不论是搭配亮粉色指甲油抑或荧光色民族风手镯都自然和谐。   


30毫米表盘的True Thinline真薄系列腕表为极简主义风格添加了女性风韵,而39毫米表盘腕表则是中性潇洒风格的绝佳代表。两款腕表均由RADO瑞士雷达表标志性材质高科技陶瓷打造而成,并实现了令人惊叹的超凡轻盈、温润舒适及卓越耐用性。RADO瑞士雷达表True Thinline真薄系列轻盈设计氤氲空灵艺术之美,当之无愧成为盛夏时节的理想伴侣。

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